The Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association was incorporated in 1913 as a non-profit organization, particularly “to honor and perpetuate the memory of Grover Cleveland.

No longer owner of the site, the GCBMA is currently working in full cooperation with the state as a voluntary auxiliary. The GCBMA is an officially recognized Friends Organization. In 1990 the Mayor of Caldwell appointed a liaison with the birthplace, a GCBMA trustee, thus providing direct contact with the Borough.

The Association strives to promote greater interest and use of this national historic site by a wider audience of the general public, including presidential “buffs" and scholars.

The house and grounds are interpreted to represent the Caldwell minister's home (manse) in a small New Jersey town around 1840. The collection includes objects here at the time of Cleveland's birth: the majority are from his later family life and distinguished public career. These objects in this setting promote the study of history, citizenship, public service, and how someone born in humble beginnings could become one of our country's greatest presidents.


The Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association encourages: 

  • Donation of objects significant to the collection and funds for the care of objects on exhibition and storage;

  • Donation of funds, services and objects by other organizations and individuals;

  • Representation of Caldwell and the Birthplace in local, state and national organizations such as the League of Historical Societies of West Essex, NJ Museums Round Table and the League of NJ Historical Societies;

  • Service on the State's Interpretation Committee providing research toward presenting the site in an authentic yet attractive and meaningful way;

  • Publicizing the activities of the site, including the Annual Conference, the Ice Cream Social, the Birth Commemoration in cooperation with other civic organizations;.

  • Recognition for students in American Presidential history including an annual award at Grover Cleveland Middle School to graduating students for excellence in history; and, 

  • Publication of materials about Grover Cleveland, the Birthplace and Caldwell



A two-and-a-half story house built on the north side of Newark Turnpike by the  First Presbyterian Church at Caldwell, as a manse for its minister. Rev. Richard Falley Cleveland and Ann Neal Cleveland were in residence when their fifth child was born on March 18, 1837. He was named for the Church's first minister, Stephen Grover. The House and barn were enlarged and “modernized” during ensuing years.


The Church begins negotiations for sale of the property at $18,000, to be used only as a memorial to Grover Cleveland.


A Committee of friends installs a bronze tablet in the room where Grover Cleveland was born. The 70-year-old ex-president wrote that he was profoundly moved by the event.


The Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association was incorporated with four officers and 39 trustees, prominent citizens from throughout the country. The Association purchased the house and lot, plus a lot along Arlington Avenue


The GCBMA experienced financial difficulties during the Great Depression. The State of New Jersey assumed ownership. Twenty trustees were appointed by Governor Moore.


The House was restored to its 1870 appearance under a WPA program. Placed under Bureau of Historical Monuments: subsequently under Dept. of Environmental Protection and Energy, Division of Parks and Forestry. The house is listed on both the National  and New Jersey Register of Historic Places.


The GCBMA was reactivated for the Sesquicentennial of Grover Cleveland's Birth (1987).